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Passionate Professionals

The team at Afredanz Dance Center is highly sought-after for their talent, experience, and passion. They have trained and performed in dance for numerous years, and are passionate about sharing their extensive knowledge with their students.

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Founder, Owner, Artistic Director, and Master Teacher

With over 19 years of extensive dance experience, Nijalon brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of dance. Her diverse background includes teaching dance competition teams, both within public school districts and private settings, along with instructing dance studio classes, educational courses in dance history and technique, and engaging in the dynamic world of dance fitness.

Nijalon holds a Bachelor's Degree in Dance Education from USM, the University of Southern Mississippi, and an Associate's Degree in Business Marketing Management from MGCCC, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. These qualifications reflect her well-rounded approach to dance, combining artistry with business acumen.

Her teaching philosophy is centered on delivering an enlightening and enjoyable dance experience, making every moment on the dance floor truly meaningful. She firmly believes in the transformative power of dance, recognizing the inspiration and life-changing impact it can have on individuals.

Nijalon's commitment extends beyond dance; she is deeply connected to her community and believes in the importance of giving back. Through her work, she strives to create opportunities for others, providing exposure, education, and cultural experiences through the medium of dance.

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Assistant Choreographer & Assistant Dance Teacher

Afredanz Dance Center is delighted to introduce the newest member of our extraordinary team, Miss Laniah Martin. Hailing from the vibrant city of Orlando, FL, Laniah has brought her passion and artistic expertise to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where she is set to make a significant impact on our dance community.

A Legacy of Dedication

With an impressive 12 years of dedication to the art of dance, Laniah's journey speaks of unwavering commitment and a deep love for the craft. Her training took her through the rigorous Orlando Ballet rise workshop, where she not only honed her skills but also graced the stage with mesmerizing performances. In 2022, she enchanted audiences with her role in the Chocolate Nutcracker, showcasing her exceptional talent. For three remarkable years, Laniah was a valuable part of the Synergy Dance Company, earning a dance cord from the National Honors Society.

Beyond the Dance Floor

Laniah's artistic talents extend far beyond her dance shoes. Her love for painting and photography serves as a testament to her multifaceted creativity.

Dreams of Excellence: Laniah's dreams are as bold as her dance moves. She envisions a future where she excels as a successful businesswoman, and aspires to share the stage with iconic artists on grand tours, bringing her passion to audiences far and wide.

Nurturing Young Talent

 At Afredanz Dance Center, Laniah's expertise shines as she imparts her knowledge to the next generation. She takes great pride in teaching ballet classes for dancers aged 3 to 13, and her creative dance class is bound to nurture creativity and passion in young artists.

Starring as "The Dreamcatcher"

 As if that weren't exciting enough, Laniah is set to dazzle audiences as "The Dreamcatcher" in our upcoming holiday dance production, "The Dreamcatcher."

We are genuinely honored and enthusiastic to have Laniah as part of our dance family. Her vibrant energy and exceptional talent are sure to light up our studio. Join us in extending a warm Mississippi welcome to Miss Laniah Martin as she embarks on this remarkable journey with Afredanz Dance Center.

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