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Passionate Professionals

The team at Afredanz Dance Center is highly sought-after for their talent, experience, and passion. They have trained and performed in dance for numerous years, and are passionate about sharing their extensive knowledge with their students.

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Founder, Owner, Artistic Director, and Master Teacher

Nijalon has over 19 years of dance experience.  She has experience in teaching dance competition teams,  in a public school district, private dance classes, dance studio classes, dance educational courses, dance history, dance education, and dance fitness instructional classes. She also has experience in dance performance and choreography. She obtained her Dance Education, Bachelor’s in Fine Arts Degree from USM, and her Associate's Degree in Business Marketing Management from MGCCC. She provides a very enlightening and enjoyable experience to make any dancer's dance experience worthwhile. She believes in the benefits and freedoms that dance provides are inspirational and life-changing.

 She is the product of her environment, and she believes in giving back to her community and creating opportunities. She provides exposure, education, and dance experiences from many  cultures.  

Our Staff: Our Staff
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