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Afredanz Dance Center is a dance center that offers various genres of dance classes from ballet, jazz dance, hip-hop dance, modern dance, and African/Afro-Caribbean Dance. These classes are offered to children as young as 3 years to as old as 18 years old. We also offer dance classes for adults who would like the opportunity to take a dance class whether it is through dance fitness in the genres of dance mentioned above. Children are enrolled in these dance classes from September through June of the following year, with a dance recital at the end of June.  In the summer, we offer summer dance classes and workshops for children 5-14 years old. We also offer free or discounted master classes throughout the year. Afredanz Dance Center is a dance center that inspires and educates through dance.

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Afredanz = A Free Dance

"Since I was the age of 12 years old, it has always been a dream of mine to attend a performing arts college in dance and one day open my dance studio. I have since obtained my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree in Dance Education from the University of Southern Mississippi and my Associate’s degree in Business Marketing Management from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Both degree track experiences and knowledge prepared me for the profession of my dreams. I took the first step in creating my business plan back in 2014. With my newfound knowledge and skills in dance, I had adjusted my business plan to meet the needs of the community my dance center will serve. The current needs are having dance as a resource for healing, inspiration, connecting cultures, diversity, fitness, education, and so much more. Dance has not only been a passion of mine, but it has also been a resource to navigate my emotions healthily, heal, remain fit, inspire, educate, and establish relationships. I have also been able to achieve major goals through dance, such as traveling abroad to Ghana, West Africa for dance, and starting a dance curriculum in a public school in my hometown. My experience through dance is the inspiration for my business motto “Dream.Dance.Inspire”. I want to inspire future generations to dream big and make their goals happen, no matter how challenging it will be."

-Nijalon Jackson-Causey

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